Hot Dropshipping Products And How To Sell Them

Hot Dropshipping Products

The only way to generate profits as a dropshipper is to find, research, test, and sell hot dropshipping products to as many purchasing customers as possible. Trending products change as often as the wind blows. What’s important is that you learn how to find and research if a product has the potential to be a winner and therefore worth testing on your dropshipping store.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” — Lao Tzu. 

Most articles you read about hot dropshipping products on the internet spew of a list of “50 Best Dropshipping Products To Sell in 2020.” By the time you are reading those articles, it is often too late to sell the products they are discussing. This is not always the case, but finding a winning product in one of those “best products to sell” posts is the exception to the rule. We at don’t just want to give you a product that sold well in the past and send you on your way alone in the jungle. We want to teach you to find, research, test, and sell hot dropshipping products on your web store time and time again for the rest of your eCommerce career. 

In this guide, we at are going to teach you why people buy products within the four main consumer purchasing pillars. Then we are going to discuss how to find undiscovered, newly discovered, or evergreen dropshipping products within these pillars according to simple research tactics. 

Just because you found a product that you think will be a winner according to your research does not make it so. You need to test that product in the market to validate if you actually have a selling product or else you risk burning money on worthless advertising spend. We will teach you how to test products at a very low cost later in this guide.

Finding high converting dropship products is not a one-time activity if you want to experience long term success as a dropshipper. You should constantly be staying up to date with the relevant trends of your store niche for as long as you’re in the business. Staying up to date with the trends could mean many things such as following social media pages, influencers, and other media channels relevant to your dropshipping store niche. 

Once you get the hang of finding, researching, and properly testing hot dropshipping products you will be able to do it over and over again and make as much money in the dropshipping game as you can handle.

The Four Consumer Purchasing Pillars

The Four Main Consumer Purchasing Pillars

Before we can start finding and researching hot dropshipping products it’s important that we first understand the basics of why a consumer purchases anything.

First off, a consumer purchases a product to either move away from pain or move towards pleasure. 

When you are selling a product you need to figure out whether it’s the pain or pleasure point that is the source of the purchase and then integrate this point into your product descriptions and advertisements. 

Additionally, the consumer will purchase a product to move away from pain or towards pleasure within these four main purchasing pillars:

  1. Health 
  2. Wealth 
  3. Love/Beauty
  4. Happiness

For the most part, every product you sell can be placed into one or more of the four categories above. When you understand what purchasing pillar (or pillars) your product is in and if that product helps the consumer move away from pain or towards pleasure you will easily know how to craft your advertising message. You will also have a much better understanding of the audience you should put that advertising message in front of.  

There is not one consumer purchase pillar that’s better than any of the others in terms of winning product hunting. There are hot dropshipping products that are sold virally in each of these consumer purchasing pillars. Let’s go through and discuss each pillar in more detail along with some examples. 

Fitness Tracker Smart Watches Are In The Health Purchasing Pillar


How many people do you know want to lose weight, look younger, and/or feel better? Probably a lot, and there are a lot more consumers out there you don’t know about who want these things, billions more. For this reason, many different dropship products have become huge sellers in the health category that solve various health concerns such as the ability to lose weight and look younger. 

The health purchasing pillar can be broken down into much more specific categories including but not limited to:

  • Workout / Fitness Gear to use to exercise and get healthier 
  • Workout / Fitness Clothing and Accessories to wear while getting healthier 
  • Health food and drink consumables that make you healthier when consumed
  • Accessories used to make healthy consumables
  • External consumables such as skin and face cream that make you look younger and become healthier

In the health pillar, you can sell anything from exercise hardware to consumables, all of which are used in one way or another with the end goal of making the purchaser healthier. For example, you can sell blenders for fruit and vegetable smoothies, rice cookers, fitness tracker smartwatches/bracelets, workout equipment, organic tea, and exfoliating masks. These products and so many more have sold virally for dropshippers. What these products all have in common is that they were all purchased with the intention to make that buyer healthier. 

Some health products you sell can make the user look more beautiful over time which also ties into the love/beauty pillar which we will discuss later. If you can blend a hot dropshipping product into more than one purchasing pillar that means more benefits you can discuss in your advertisement messaging and product descriptions. 

Deciding which dropship products to sell within the health purchasing pillar depends upon how specific a niche your dropshipping store is as well as what information you come up with within your research phase (we will discuss the research phase later). 

If your dropshipping store strategy leans more toward a general store model than you can try to sell all of the hot dropshipping products you find within the health pillar. If your dropshipping store strategy is more niche specific then the products you sell will become more specific.

For example, if your dropship store niche is workout equipment then you would choose to sell resistance bands as opposed to an all-natural anti-aging exfoliating mask. Even though both of these items have sold extremely well for dropshippers in the past you want to stick to products within your store niche to maintain authority. If your dropship store niche was more general and you sold all types of health and fitness products then you could try and sell both products.  

The key lesson to take away here is that people buy health products so they can become healthier and look younger. People will continue to buy products that will help them lose weight, look younger, detox their bodies, and feel better for decades to come. 

People Want To Make More Money And Save The Money They Have


It’s no big discovery that people want to make more money and preserve the money that they already have. Because of this people will buy products and services that help them achieve these things. 

For Example, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Blocking Smart Wallets became the desired product sold in many dropship stores. Lots of people travel all over the world for business, vacation, and various other reasons. These RFID blocker smart wallets became so popular because in certain parts of the world there is a ton of theft due RFID skimming, this is when a criminal uses a device to read and duplicate your credit-cards remotely without taking them out of your wallet. How do you prevent this theft? You prevent it with an RFID smart wallet. Do you want to preserve your wealth and prevent the risk of losing all the money in your bank accounts when you’re traveling… buy an RFID smart wallet from my dropshipping store.

RFID Smart Wallets can also fit in the happiness pillar because having the wallet makes the purchaser feel safe. When someone feels safe they are happy. All the better that buying this wallet will make you feel safe and help preserve your wealth, just more good reasons to buy the product. 

RFID Smart Wallets help you preserve wealth, items like photography and video equipment can help you generate wealth. Say you have a dropshipping store that sells video and photography equipment to businesses. You can market a lot of the tools and gadgets you sell to professional photographers or videographers with the message that this gear helps you produce better quality work for your clients which will ultimately make you more money.  

Consumers will spend money on products that will potentially make them more money. There are a lot of dropshipping stores that focus on selling products to business owners. Business owners buy things to acquire more customers and make more money for their business. An example of this would be selling coffee themed pillows to coffee store owners to put on their store furniture.  

Products Are Often Purchased To Find or Keep Love

Love and Beauty

For the most part, everyone wants to find love and look beautiful. They may want to look beautiful for their significant other or to make themselves more attractive so they can find their significant other. This is why the beauty industry is valued at 532 billion dollars as of 2019. 

Products such as eyelash extensions and eyebrow razors have made a huge surge in sales among dropshippers along with the rise of home beauty-related Youtube channels and other make-up/beauty influencers on social media websites such as Instagram And Pinterest. 

Beauty products can also be marketed as gifts for partners, close friends, and relatives. Unisex clothing is a trend in the dropshipper world in which couples, friends, and/or family members can purchase matching outfits to wear with each other. 

As mentioned earlier there are lots of different products that can fit into more than one purchasing pillar. Body cleansing products such as organic soap and anti-aging cream makes your skin healthier and cleaner (health pillar), but also makes you look younger, and smell more attractive (love/beauty pillar). These benefits combined make you happier as a person. The more pillars a product can fit into the more angles you have to market that product to various groups of audiences.  

People Buy Products To Make Themselves Happy


Buy now you probably realize that every product you sell, regardless of the consumer purchase pillar, should make the customer happy in one way or another.  But there are many hot dropshipping products out there that don’t quite fit in the other three purchase pillar categories but will definitely make a consumer happy. Uniquely printed socks are a great example. Socks printed with all sorts of animals, foods, and colors have generated millions of dollars for dropshippers and made many purchasers very happy. But these socks don’t make you healthier, wealthier, or more beautiful. 

The Happiness purchasing pillar can and should be broken down into more specific groupings that include but are not limited to:

  • Convenience
  • Perceived social status 
  • Entertainment
  • Comfort  
  • Safety
  • Speed of use/efficiency 

Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones are examples of extremely popular and viral dropship products. These items don’t help to make you healthier, wealthier, or more beautiful but they do make it easy and efficient for you to listen to music, which brings joy and entertainment. It’s convenient that you no longer have to worry about cords hanging around that need to be plugged into your devices while you listen. Plus it’s fantastic knowing there is no way for cords to get caught on an object or a passerby. All these benefits make for a safer environment and altogether a more comfortable listening experience.  

Car Accessories such as wiper blades and phone holders are known to be very hot dropshipping products. These items ultimately make your driving experience safer, more comfortable, and convenient which makes the purchaser happier while they drive. 

Perceived social status, the feeling being part of a particular culture or community, or contributing to a specific cause is a big reason consumers buy certain products. Environmentally conscious consumers are actively purchasing carbon footprint reducing products such as reusable grocery bags, LED lamps, and eco-friendly water bottles. These eco-friendly purchases make you feel good because you know you’re helping the environment by purchasing and using the products.

The point of going through and discussing these four consumer purchasing pillars is to get you in the mindset of understanding why people purchase products. Every product that has been mentioned so far in this post has been known to be a viral selling dropship product at one point in time. You could even still make a profit selling some of these items if you properly differentiate yourself from the competition and find new pockets of qualified audiences.

So many dropship products out there can be profitable. Just because a product didn’t work for your competitor does not mean it won’t work for you. It’s easy to find products that will sell after using some simple research tactics that we will discuss next. What nobody talks about is crafting a proper message to the potential customer based on the pain and pleasure points within the four consumer purchasing pillars. Your message and the story you tell the potential customer about your product is what will make your product a seller or not. 

Let’s move on to talk about how to find hot dropshipping products based on some simple research tactics. 

The Two Types Of Profitable Dropship Products 

There are two types of profitable dropship products. The first type is a product that has the potential to be a new trend introduced in the market. To make a profit with this product type you have to be ready when the opportunity strikes and become one of the first stores to sell and market this newly trending product. 

The second type of profitable dropship product is that which already is a trend and has validated social proof and sales within markets. With this type of product, you need to stand out from your competition and sell the product in your store with a better message, new audience, or some other way to differentiate yourself and add more value to your customer. We will discuss ways to differentiate yourself from your competition later in this guide. 

How To Find New Dropship Products With Trend-Setting Potential Before Anyone Else 

When I say “new” products I don’t necessarily mean new revolutionary products like when Steve Jobs invented the iPhone. I mean products that are a new trend and haven’t necessarily been raved about on all the “best dropshipping products to sell in 2020” posts yet. 

You don’t have to be the very first store to sell the newly trending product either, but you must be one of the first if you want to make the big money selling these types of hot dropshipping products. 

To find these viral products first you have to catch the trend before the rest of the world does. This isn’t as hard as it seems, you just have to change your mindset from consumer to an observer of markets. Say this out loud to yourself right now, “I am a student of markets”.

Here’s an example of a product that, if you caught the trend early, you could have made big money selling. Right around the beginning of 2017, Apple released a new product called the AirPods which are wireless earbuds and they were the big new thing. The introduction of this product was all over the internet and the media, it would have been hard to not know about the release of the Apple AirPods.

However while most people were excited to go and purchase their AirPods as consumers, a few market savvy dropshippers noted that with the release of the AirPods there will need to be an AirPod Case Cover so people could protect their new toy and hook them onto their pants for more convenience, etc. 

These savvy dropshippers started looking for suppliers who would be willing to dropship AirPod Case Covers before anyone else was even thinking about Airpod Case Covers. Sure enough, a huge market formed for Airpod Case Covers of all different colors, shapes, and sizes. Airpod Case Covers became a new trend product. Not only did these dropshippers sell case covers for AirPods, but they sold case covers for all of the newly released wireless earbuds. This is what I mean by catching a newly trending product early. 

Observe Popular Media To Find Trending Products

Observe The Popular Media Sites and Follow the Relevant Influencers For Your Niche 

The only way to acquire this trend catching skill is by practicing observing markets over time. Follow your target audience’s favorite social media influencers. Observe what these influencers are wearing, what kind of accessories they are using, what products they are promoting officially and unofficially. Over time you will start to catch trends on new hot dropshipping products. 

Another big “new trend” product example was the rise of the “clout goggles”. “Clout Goggles”, or “Clout Glasses” are just round lens vintage sunglasses that have been around since the ’90s. RockStar and former frontman of Nirvana, Curt Cobain, was once photographed wearing this style of sunglasses and then many years later a few modern-day rock stars such as Harry Styles, Migos, and Pharrell were all photographed wearing the glasses. The next thing you know everyone had to have these glasses, which the new age masses called clout goggles. Wearing these glasses signified that you were a part of the modern-day YouTuber, influencer, and rockstar culture. The rise of clout goggles really took off around 2017 yet still to this day keywords “clout goggles” and “clout glasses” collectively get more than 80,000 average monthly searches on google. Plenty of suppliers offer to dropship the “oval mod round lens retro vintage sunglasses” aka Clout Goggles. 

All you have to do is observe the market and your audience’s influencers to see the trends. If you want to catch these new trends then read the magazines your target audience reads. Subscribe to the youtube channels your target audience subscribes to and follow the social media influencers your target audience follows. I promise you on one random day you will see a post, read an article, or watch a video of someone using a product and the light bulb will go off in your head. Be patient and continue observing what is relevant to your niche. 

While you are searching and testing for the big new product trend, you’re going to want to be generating income through your store by selling products you already know have been selling well and that people want. Let’s discuss how to find these products now. 

How to Find Hot Dropshipping Products Already Validated With Social Proof

While you’re patiently searching and observing for that next big trend product which you will be the first to introduce into the market, you’re going to want to be making your money promoting other products that you already know sell well due to the confirmed social proof and sales that have already happened. 

There are several ways to find already validated winning dropship products such as:

  • Combing social media for product advertisements with high activity 
  • Looking at the bestseller lists within major online shopping sites such as Amazon and eBay 
  • Regularly checking the dropship product trend hunting sites 

Comb Social Media For Product Advertisements With High Activity 

As you start to follow your target audience’s relevant media channels and social media influencers the internet’s invisible hand will respond by showing you product ads related to the pages you are liking and social media profiles you are following. 

You as the new student of markets are going to want to pay attention to these product advertisements that are getting served to you, especially the ones with the most activity on your Facebook and Instagram feed.

Instagram Ad Of A Potential Hot Dropshipping Product

Take note of the kind of social activity the ad is generating. How many likes, shares, and comments are the ad getting? What are the comments saying about the ad and the product? The more positive the social activity the better the chance that you have found a winning dropship product to sell. Put the product through the research phase and if you suspect it’s a winner then search for the product among your dropship suppliers. Then add the product to your store and start marketing that product to a target audience. 

Amazon And eBay Top Seller Lists 

Another great way to find products that are already selling is to check the bestseller lists within the major internet shopping engines such as Amazon and eBay.

Simply go to and in the navigation bar there is a menu item titled “best sellers”. If you click on the bestseller menu item you will be taken to a page where you can search the best selling items for every single category available on Amazon. Start scrolling through and observing the best selling products within categories that are most relevant to your dropshipping store niche. Once you find something you want to sell in your store, look for a supplier that can dropship the item and upload it to your store. 

Amazon Best Sellers Page

Finding Ebay’s best selling products is not as straightforward as Amazon but still a very similar process. All you have to do is go to eBay and select a category related to your dropship store niche and once you get into a specific enough category there will be a tab where you can select to view all the best sellers within that category. 

eBay Best Selling Products: Best Makeup Products

Etsy is another great shopping site that does not necessarily have a bestsellers list but you can sort products by filters such as “top customer reviews” which allows you to see what types of products are getting the highest activity. Pinterest is another useful social media site to see what types of products are getting heavy activity and which are not.

Etsy Keychains Page Sorted By Top Customer Reviews

Search the product categories relevant to your dropship store niche and look for already winning products that you can then sell on your store. photography trending products page

Regularly Check The Dropship Product Trend Hunting Sites

There are websites made by dropshippers for dropshippers that post products that are trending and selling huge in the dropshipping world. I suggest checking these sights regularly and selling some of the products you find on these sites for yourself. Just know that by the time a product does show up on these sites the competition will be high and everyone in that product’s niche will be trying to sell the same product. 

Some of the most popular dropship product hunting sites are:

Differentiating Yourself From The Competition

Remember that with these validated already selling products, the competition will be much higher than a new trend product you are trying to be the first to sell. This means you’re going to have to do something different to stand out from the competition that already has a foothold in the market.

There are lots of ways you can stand out from your competition and this is one of those parts in the business process where you can be creative.

You can make a custom guide on how to use the product you’re selling and that guide gets emailed to the user when they purchase the product. If you make (or hire someone to make) the guide you can advertise that this special bonus is only available at your store. Another way to stand out is by creating a custom video tutorial educating the user on how to use or assemble the product. You could offer some sort of guarantee that no other store is offering or donate a portion of the proceeds to a relevant charity. There are endless ways to offer special custom bonuses along with a dropship product you are selling.

What you offer as a bonus along with your product is completely dependent on the type of product you are offering. Yes, it might be a little extra work upfront to make custom bonuses but for the most part, once these bonuses are created you can use them forever without having to work on them again. If you’re pressed for time you can hire someone to build the bonuses for you for a relatively low cost on outsourcing websites such as FiverrFreelancer, or Upwork

An example of a custom bonus for a product would be something like a “10 Simple Healthy Rice Recipes Guide” that goes along with the rice cooker you sell in your health accessories store. You can either make this guide yourself or hire someone to make it for you. Then offer the rice recipe guide free along with the purchase of the rice cooker. Once the recipe guide is made it’s yours and only yours forever and can only be obtained by purchasing a rice cooker through your store. This recipe guide is a fantastic selling point that no other competitor is offering but you.

If you can only take away one tip from this section, it’s that to sell dropship products that already have validated social proof and sales (which is most of what you will be selling in the dropshipping realm), then you will need to do something different or better than what everyone else is doing to make sales at your store. This different and/or better thing that you do to stand out from your competition could be but is not limited to:

  • targeting a different untapped audience
  • using a better advertisement than what’s already out there with a better hook, story, and offer
  • better product descriptions
  • better quality product images and videos 
  • better customer service 
  • A better refund policy
  • Custom product bonuses such as a special user guide or money-back guarantees

Implementing just one of these examples may not be enough to turn your store into the selling store. It might be a mix of tweaks and alterations that helps your store stand out from under your competition and make the sales. 

Regardless of what products you choose to sell. I suggest doing these two simple research tactics below before uploading a product to your store. 

The Research Phase, Two Research Tools You Should Use Before You Decide To Test Any Product

Before you decide to sell any product, regardless of how you found it, you’re always going to want to research that product’s potential using Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner. Whether you do try to sell the product or not doesn’t have to live or die upon the data you find within these tools but it’s certainly a good baseline to see if you’re heading in the right direction. 

Google Trends

Google Trends is an incredible tool that allows you to see the increase and/or decrease of search interest for a particular product or keyword over time. Within Google Trends are also other great features as well such as keyword interest by geographic area and other relevant search queries related to the keyword you chose to research. 

This tool is so important because you can collect data relevant to the product you might want to sell and derive insights such as if interest in the product will continue to grow or not and where you might want to target markets. Furthermore, you can also use Google Trends to see what other types of keywords your audience may be typing into Google that is synonymous with your product. 

Let’s say you run a dropshipping store in the fashion niche. You sell all sorts of clothing and accessories. You’ve been hearing and seeing all sorts of content that talk about yoga pants. You decide you may want to sell yoga pants in your store because you suspect it’s a really popular product based on what you’ve been reading about in the media and what you’ve been seeing and hearing from the social media influencers. 

The next step is to do a little research on Google Trends. So you go to google trends and type in “yoga pants”.  

Since I would be selling yoga pants all over the world and not just in the United States I change my search location to “worldwide”. 

Google Trends For Yoga Pants Past 12 Months

As I look at the search interest over the past 12 months the volume seems pretty constant with no big swings or changes. Now I want to see the interest over a longer period so I change the time horizon to “past 5 years”.

Google Trends For Yoga Pants Past 5 Years

I can now see that interest over time for yoga pants worldwide has been steadily declining since 2015 and the decline has recently plateaued. Perhaps that would change your mind about selling yoga pants and you would instead go and look for a product in which the interest over time is still increasing. 

When I expand the time horizon even further I can see that from around 2011 to 2013 is when interest for yoga pants was spiking and in the golden age. Then starting around 2015 the interest for yoga pants began to decline and has been slowly declining ever since. 

Google Trends For Yoga Pants 2004 to Present

Now just because the interest for yoga pants is dropping doesn’t mean you immediately have to get rid of the idea to sell yoga pants products. Even though interest in yoga pants has been declining there is still interest in yoga pants. Especially within the United States, Canada, Nepal, and Ireland over the past 12 months. Perhaps due to this decline in the interest the competition to dropship yoga pants is low and now is a good opportunity to get involved. 

Google Trends Interest By Region, Related Topics, And Related Queries For Yoga Pants

Let’s move onto the next step in the research phase and see how many people a month are still searching for yoga pants related queries on Google.

Google Keyword Planner

The second research tool you should be using before you upload any product to your store for testing is Google Keyword Planner.  Google Keyword Planner allows you to see how many searches a month people type in various product-related keywords on Google. 

To use Google Keyword Planner you first have to create a Google Ads account. Within your Google Ads account, you want to click “tools and settings” in the navigation bar and then click on Keyword Planner. Within the keyword planner, you want to click on “discover new keywords” and type in the keywords you used in your Google Trends research as well as some of the relevant “related queries” that Google Trends also provides.

Google Keyword Planner Keyword Discovery

Click get results and start to look at the monthly search volume for the keywords you provided as well as the relevant keyword ideas that the keyword planner lists. You can also type in new keywords you found from Keyword Planner’s keyword ideas back into Google Trends to see if interest over time in a particular keyword is different from the keyword you originally typed into Google Trends. You can also look to see if interest by region changes based on what you call a certain product. 

When I did this exercise for yoga pants I found out that over 200,000 people a month still search for “yoga pants”. Additionally, another 246,000 people a month search Google for “leggings.” Moreover, another 58,000 people a month collectively search for keywords such as “workout pants”, “best yoga pants”, “yoga pants for women”, and “workout leggings.”It seems that perhaps the term “yoga pants” has evolved into a more generic term like “leggings” over time. 

Google Keyword Planner Keyword By Relevance and Keyword Ideas

There is still a lot of demand for yoga pants even though interest over the last couple of years has been declining. Furthermore when I went back and typed “leggings” into Google Trends to compare the keyword phrase to “yoga pants” I can see that interest over time for leggings is not declining at such a heavy slope but is increasing to some extent. After this analysis, I now suspect that more people call “yoga pants” by the term “leggings”. I need to keep this in mind if I decide to market this product.  

Google Trends Yoga Pants vs. Leggings 2004 To Present

How I researched yoga pants and the insights I gathered is how you should go about researching the products you think you want to sell in your store. Use the data from these tools to derive insights that help you decide if the product you are researching is worth selling or not. As I stated earlier the products you choose to sell or not shouldn’t live or die based on the data these tools provide. Instead, use these stools as a starting point for your decision to sell a particular product. 

How To Test Products To See If They Are Winners

Once you do finally decide it’s time to sell a product. You’re going to want to test that product by using paid advertising. Low budget advertising allows you to quickly put your product in front of a market that you think will make purchases. You use these low budget tests to collect consumer data and to find out if people will buy your product or not.

I suggest using paid Facebook advertising and starting with an ad budget of $5 a day. Facebook owns Instagram so through the Facebook Business Manager you can run ads to both Facebook and Instagram users. Collectively Facebook and Instagram have over 3 billion monthly active users.

It’s important that before running these ads you do deep research on your target audience. You want to know what pages and influencers the audience follows on Facebook and Instagram. You also want to know what targeted keywords are most relevant to your audience. There are so many ways to target audiences on Facebook so the more you know about the type of customer that purchases from you the better. The more you test products and run ads the better you will get. 

On top of knowing your audience you’re also going to want to have a good product advertisement that has a well thought out:

  • hook (to get the attention of your audience)
  • story (to increase the perceived value of your product) 
  • and offer (state what you are selling and provide a call to action). 

To learn more about writing good product advertisements get the book Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards

Let the ad run and after 3-5 days you will know if you have a hot dropshipping product or not based on whether or not you’ve made any sales. If you have made sales, increase the ad budget, and start promoting the product more and more using all the different traffic acquisition strategies both free and paid. 

If you don’t make any sales within the first 3-5 days then you need to change a variable based on what the data you gathered points out whether that be a different advertisement, audience, product description, product image/video, etc. If changes you make don’t produce any sales you may want to think about moving on and trying a different product. 

Keep in mind that some products are more popular during different times of the year based on variables such as the weather and holidays. Also, a product can be a big seller in one geographic area and a complete dud in another based on the seasons or culture of that particular area. 

Additionally, in some geographic areas, a person may call a product a different name than people living in other geographic areas. One population might call yoga pants “yoga pants” while another area might call yoga pants “workout leggings” or just “leggings”. Using Google Trends you will often be able to collect this information by looking at the “interest by region” section and comparing keywords. You can also use Google Keyword Planner to see how many people search one keyword phrase as opposed to another. Then with this newly found data, you can send different messages to different target audiences based on how that target audience lives their lives and knows about your product. 

Some products are better to sell than others due to their upsell abilities. If a product has the potential to be sold along with a bunch of other accessory recommendations that a customer is likely to purchase then this type of product will add a significant increase to your profits. When you can raise your store’s average cart value per customer that means more money in your pocket plus you can also afford to pay more to acquire a customer if necessary. 

Products that people have to repurchase after use are also good sellers due to their recurring revenue potential. For example, if you sell quality consumables products (like detox shampoo) in your dropship store and your customers keep re-buying them after use month after month you will have steady monthly income consistently coming into your business which is a very powerful thing.

Another tip is to try and sell products in your online store that somebody can’t buy at a local physical store location. A lot of the time if a customer can drive down the street to purchase the same product that will take 10 days to ship from your store then they likely will just go buy the product at the physical location down the road from where they live. But when you sell unique products that can’t be bought at a local physical store then the customer is more likely to click that buy button right away.

Take or leave these tips based on your store strategy and the types of products you sell. There is no one secret answer on how to find hot dropshipping products and have a profitable dropshipping store. A product that didn’t sell on one dropshipping store might sell incredibly well on another simply because that second dropship store did the proper research and found the right target audience partnered with custom bonuses and a good advertisement message. 

Conclusion On How To Find Hot Dropshipping Products

Conclusion On Hot Dropshipping Products

To recap, we first learned that a consumer purchases a product to either move away from pain or move towards pleasure. You want to structure your marketing message accordingly based on those pain and pleasure points relative to the product you sell. 

Next, we learned about the four consumer purchasing pillars which are health, wealth, love, and happiness. A consumer will purchase a product to move away from pain or towards pleasure to achieve results in one of these four purchasing pillars.

Once you understand the basics of why people buy products we went on to talk about how a dropshipper can sell two types of products. First is a new trend potential product which you will try to be the first store (or close to the first store) to introduce that product to the markets. The second is a product that already has validated social proof and sales. To sell already validated products you will have to differentiate yourself from the competition.

There are many ways to find potentially hot dropshipping products including but not limited to:

  • Following media channels relevant to your store niche 
  • Following social media influencers relevant to your store niche 
  • Combing social media for product advertisements with high social activity 
  • Checking bestseller lists on shopping sites such as Amazon and eBay
  • Regularly checking dropship product trend hunting sites

Once you do find a product that has the potential to sell there are a lot of ways to differentiate yourself from the competition including but not limited to:

  • targeting a different untapped audience
  • using a better advertisement than what’s already out there with a better hook, story, and offer
  • better product descriptions
  • better quality product images and videos 
  • better customer service 
  • A better refund policy
  • Custom product bonuses 

Before uploading a product to your store and testing it with paid advertising you should first do some search interest and keyword research using Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner. 

When it is finally time to test a product with paid advertising start with an ad budget of five dollars a day and make sure your ad contains a proper hook, story, and offer. Within three to five days if you don’t have a sale you either need to change a variable and re-rest or try a different product.

If you start applying what you learn from this guide in no time you will have big selling products on your store over and over again. You will also know what to change if your products are not selling as well as you’d like. 

I hope this guide helped and leave a comment below if you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns. 

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