General Questions

We have verified that every wholesale dropshipper will:
  • Sell you single items and dropship them directly to your customer under your name.
  • Eliminate the need for you to carry any inventory or deal with the hassles of shipping.
No, you can buy in any quantity, large or small, we will always accept your order.
Yes, like most Supplier relationships they want volume. Therefore the larger volume the order, the larger discounts.

Closeout & Surplus Suppliers

Yes, there are a number of suppliers on our list who specialize in closeout products.
Yes, there are store clearance items as well.
That depends, however we can guarantee that all items are wholesale priced.
Some items may be refurbished, if they are the product description will inform you of that.


There is no free plan, the Product Feed Package is $49 per month, the Ecommerce Website Package is $99 per month.
All major credit cards and check.
You receive one username and password to sign in.

Do you have any further questions?

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