Single Phase Soft Start 220V Motor Soft Starter 2KW 4KW 6KW 8KW Motor Online Soft Starting For Fan Water Pump


Single Phase Soft Start 220V Motor Soft Starter 2KW 4KW 6KW 8KW Motor Online Soft Starting For Fan Water Pump


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Single Phase Soft Start 220V Motor Soft Starter Module Controller 2KW 4KW 6KW 8KW Motor Online Soft Starting For Fan Pump Pressure Reducer Conveyor


1PCS X Motor Soft Starter OR Heat Sink With Fan(Model Number According To Your Selection)

For Example , SSR-20WA-R1(1KW)=1PCS Motor Soft Starter SSR-20WA-R1(1KW) ONLY

Heat Sink With Fan=1PCS Heat Sink With Fan ONLY
If You Order Starter and Heat Sink at the Same Time , We will Assemble them before Shipment

Voltage : Single-Phase 220VAC 50-60Hz / 2-Phase 380VAC 50-60Hz

Soft Start Time: 0-30 Seconds(Soft Start Time Refers to the Whole Process 0-220V, 0-380V)

Starting voltage:0-50% (Adjustable Soft Start to Rated Voltage (220V-380V)

Power : 1KW 1.5KW 2KW 4KW 6KW 8KW (Optional)

This Motor Soft Starter Module is Usually Used for Motors with the Following voltages and Frequency:

220V … (50Hz, 60Hz)

230V … (50Hz, 60Hz)

240V … (50Hz, 60Hz)

Application: Ordinary Fans, Water Pumps, Belt Conveyors ,Single Phase Motors etc

This Motor Soft Starter Can be Widely Used for Loads Such As Ordinary Fans, Water Pumps, Belt Conveyors, Ball Mills and Compressors ,No Need to Connect Bypass Contactor, Easy Wiring

It is an Ideal Replacement for Traditional Star/Delta Conversion, Auto-Coupling Buck, Magnetic Control Buck, Inverter and Other Step-Down Starting Devices

How to Choose the Suitable Model

According to the Actual Working Current 5 Times: Power ÷ Voltage × 5

For Example:

Your Motor is 8000W Power ÷ 220V Voltage × 5 = (181.81WA Suggest Choose 200WA) Should Choose the Parameter Closest and Larger to that Model

If there 2 or more motors are connected in parallel, please select the model based on the total Power X 1.2 times or More

If you don’t know what Model is suitable for your Application, Please contact us for  Recommendation

Single Phase Motor Compared to Starter Module

Voltage Compatibility:

(220V + 0V = Single-Phase 220V, AC)

(230V + 0V = Single-Phase 230V, AC)

(240V + 0V = Single-Phase 240V, AC)

(220V + 220V = Two-Phase 380V–400V, AC)

Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz

Soft Start Time is Adjustable 0-30 Seconds (Soft Start Time Refers to the Entire Process 0-220V, 0-380V)

Slowly Adjust the Starting Voltage from 0-50% , Reaching the Rated Voltage (220-380V)

There Are Two Ways to Use it

1. After Closing the Switch, the Main Power will be Energized and Start Soft Start

2. Use the Switch to Control, Closing the Soft Start to Start, Open to Stop

The Soft Start Module has 2 Programs

1.SSR-40WA-R1 has Soft Start and no Soft Stop

2.SSR-40WA-R2 has Soft Start and Soft Stop Functions (Stop V Same As the Starting V )

NOTE : R1-Smooth Start ,R2-Smooth Start + Smooth Stop

1.Consider the Safety Margin  and Long Time Runing,2KW and Above Power, Please Attaching Radiator(Heat Sink) and Fan for Heat Dissipation

2.The Default Voltage of the Fan in this Link is 220V. If you need 380V Fan, Please Leave a Message

3.It is Necessary to Connect the Load When Operation or Testing, (the test result is Invalid if the Load is not Connected)

4.Please Do not Adjust the Soft Start time to the Min (0 Seconds 0 V, the Starting Current will be to Large too Burn the Module)

5.Do not Carry Voltage to the Control Switch on the Right Side

6.R2 With Smooth Stop Function,Do not Disconnect the incoming line power  , and the Switch on the Right Side of the Module must be used to Control the start and stop ,If the motor has a brake function, the  Smooth Stop will not work

7.Do not use a Multimeter on the Load side to Judge the Quality of the product

8.When the Ambient Temperature is too High or the Heat Dissipation Conditions are not Good, Please Consider Increasing the Amps of Starter, In order to Prevent the Load from Short-Circuiting during Operation, you can Consider Connecting the Fast- Disconnect Switch or Fast Fuse (Corresponding Specification to the Starter) In series in the load loop

9.Working Environment Temperature Range -25°C~60°C


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Model Number

Single Phase 220V Motor Soft Starter




Mainland China

Product Name

220V Single-Phase Motor Soft Starter Controller 2KW 4KW 6KW 8KW


220VAC 50-60Hz


380VAC 50-60Hz

Soft Start Time

0-30 Seconds

Starting Voltage



1KW 1.5KW 2KW 4KW 6KW 8KW(Optional)


Ordinary Fan, Water Pump, Belt Conveyor,Motor etc

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