Trending Dropship Products to Sell in 2021

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    Trending Dropship Products

    With the rise of online shopping and ease of delivery, dropshipping has been increasing in popularity in the past five years, reaching its peak last year but still being very much relevant in 2021. We're already halfway through the year, and as we shuffle towards hopefully colder months, the products people are searching for change with the seasons.

    In this article, we will list out the products that you should add to your stores today! These products, stretched across various categories, have been researched based on their popularity in recent months to give you that cutting edge over other dropshipping stores. From fashion products to necessary tech in your home, you'll surely be able to find many items that can fit snugly into your online shelves.

    Fitness Accessories

    Exercising in gyms and other indoor spaces is still uncertain for most of the world. It is no wonder that exercising at home or in the open, outdoor areas has become more common and sought after! This year has brought new products to the spotlight because of this shift in demand, making it a prime time for sellers to promote fitness.

    Resistance Bands

    Resistance bands are a great way to build strength and give yourself a full-body workout. They are a great value addition to a workout routine for all fitness levels. Since most people don't get to use gyms nowadays, they are being brought quite frequently.

    resistence bands

    Going by the trends, it looks like their popularity isn't dying anytime soon. They come in various sizes and colors, giving a lot of variety to the customers to choose from.  

    Yoga Pants

    These stylish pants are a must-have for any fashionista that wants to get fit. It is versatile and light, and since it can come in different colors and patterns, it would be easy for customers to buy multiple to fill up their clothes rack. Perfect, really, for showing off on Instagram or TikTok!

    yoga pants

    Yoga pants have become the in-thing in recent months, as seen by this Google Trends picture. Overall, it is inevitable that they won't be leaving shelves any time soon.

    Posture Corrector

    With more and more people working from home, a posture corrector is necessary to keep oneself healthy. Your customers will be thanking you for adding such an item into your store since they can wear the corrector during any activity, including exercise, work, or just walking around. 

    posture corrector

    More and more people have recognized the need to fix their posture. As they can be worn practically anywhere, these products are a must on your shelves.

    Beauty Accessories

    Last year shifted the priorities of pretty much everyone all over the world. Besides fitness, it also affected fashion and beauty products, as few people would go out. While other shops suffered, some products ended up becoming more popular as a result. Consider adding these trending items into your store to beautify a customer's day-to-day life!

    All-day Waterproof Mascara

    TikTok has made it trendy to experiment and show off one's makeup via video. Even if they aren't wearing it to share, who wouldn't resist looking pretty, even after exercising or watching an emotional movie? The best part is that once people run out, they would be looking for more, making repeat customers easy with this product!

    all day masacara

    In this Google Trend map, it is easy to see that waterproof mascara, in particular, has been gaining traction and continues to stay at increased interest.

    Nail Decor Kits

    TikTok has also enabled people to show off their newest set of nail decor, making this kit perfect to sell this year. This kit comes with acrylic nails, glitter, outlines, powder, nail gel, and more for those who simply want to give themselves a manicure or for those who want to spice things up!

    nail decor

    This trend shows that despite its zig-zag attention, nails will always be a topic that people go back to, so stocking this product will undoubtedly guarantee sales.

    Hair Extensions

    Whether in braids, buns, or ponytails, adding a splash of color or simply more hair for more volume can easily glow up a look. This also helps if you don't want to go through the trouble of dyeing your hair. Make sure to include a host of different colors, styles, and lengths and give your buyers an excellent variety to choose from.

    hair extensions

    Hair extensions are seen as a must for many, going by this Google Trends map. Do your customers and yourself a favor by adding them to your shop today!

    Bathroom Accessories

    The bathroom is meant to be a place where you can wind down and relax after a long day of work. Whether you need to use the bathroom, shower, or brush your teeth, you can undoubtedly find products to improve these everyday activities!

    Bath Pillows

    Enjoying a relaxing bath is leisure time most people look forward to after a taxing and stressful day at work. A bath pillow is your ideal companion for those relaxing times you spend in the tub. It's helpful, especially if you have a bad back or neck pain. Bath pillows are quite popular among people who love spending a long time in their bathrooms.

    bath pillows

    Bath pillows have stayed in the public's minds over the last year, and with their added comfiness to a relaxing bath experience, it's not hard to see why. You'll get sales by putting this item in your store!

    Toothbrush Holders

    There are all kinds of toothbrush holders now, from simple mounted ones to keep them off the counter to others that are more hi-tech, cleaning your toothbrush with the latest technology! Depending on how many bathrooms customers have around the house, it's guaranteed that these holders will sell lots.

    toothbrush holder

    Its interest may vary at specific points in time, but toothbrushes are an integral part of everyday hygiene, so these holders will ultimately never go out of style.

    Liquid Shampoo Dispenser

    Have you ever gotten frustrated at opening the bottle to your liquid shampoo, or have trouble opening a sachet that you forgot to open before you stepped in the shower? These can quickly be sold with the wall-mounted soapbox as a set. They also similarly come in all shapes and sizes, fitting into a home's aesthetic to a T.

    shampoo dispensor

    Shampoo Dispensers are certainly seeing an increasing trend recently! As the weather grows warmer, more people are taking showers, which makes these items a must-have.

    Tech Accessories

    It's incredible to think how far we have gone with modern technology. Way back when, smartphones were a luxury, but now, they are a necessary part of everyday life. With our constant dependence on smart, online devices, it's no wonder that accessories for them have been booming in dropshipping!

    Magnet Charger Cables

    Not the same as those magnet pads where you leave your phone to charge, no-these are much more convenient. The plug type can be customized to fit with your phone model, but they all connect to the same end cable. These magnet cables are also built to be highly sturdy and long-lasting, so it's no wonder that it's a popular item for the drop shipper's shelf.

    magnetic charger cable

    Chargers are always necessary for a household with smart devices, so despite its up and down trends, magnetic charger cables are sure to stay in your audience's interest!

    Waterproof Storage Case or Pouch

    Whether your earphones are wired or wireless, keeping them safe and dry is a priority when taking them out for a jog, commute, or just a casual walk. Easily customizable and can even boast all kinds of designs, these cases, or pouches (really, it depends on what you prefer) will easily catch your customers' interest.

    waterproof pouch

    Pouches have recently enjoyed an uptick in popularity, so now is an excellent time to try selling them while they're on people's radar!

    Pro Bluetooth Game Controller

    This is an absolute must-have purchase for all you gamers out there that your customers would also be looking to buy. This is undoubtedly one of the pricier items on this list. Still, with the advent of gaming being a family activity nowadays, you can expect that each customer will be buying at least two or more controllers, making it easy to get a bang for your buck.

    bluetooth game controller

    As seen in this chart, Bluetooth Game Controllers have gained considerable interest over a long period. As more and more people get into gaming, so will the sales of these controllers increase.

    Consumer Electronics

    Of course, there wouldn't be tech accessories without the electronics themselves, and 2021 has brought a new wave of these into the spotlight as people spend more time at home than ever before. These might sound pricier than the previous items in this list, but you would be surprised at their affordability!

    Bluetooth Speakers

    A house is big enough for more than one speaker; one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, one in the living room… the possibilities are endless! They're also great for the outdoors and easily connectable to a smartphone device. Coming in many designs, a Bluetooth Speaker can quickly become a bright fixture in one's home, playing the music of your dreams.

    bluetooth speakers

    Bluetooth speakers have indeed received strong interest over the past few years, becoming more and more of a household item for many. Consider adding them to your store to ride on this wave of popularity!

    VR Headsets

    The VR headsets are designed for use with both iPhone or Android devices with an easy installation process. It's a brand-new way to enjoy video games, sports, shows, and anything else that you can play on your phone with a VR headset. They are lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and easy to slip in and out of, as well as connect and disconnect from your phone with a single tap. 

    vr headset

    VR headsets have become affordable for your customers over the years, so you should feature them in your store and comfortably place your one foot in the considerable future market.


    A huge compliment to fitness buffs or those who want to keep track of their health, smartwatches are all the rage nowadays, and it's not hard to see why.  In addition to offering convenience and helping you monitor your health, some are also compatible with phones via Bluetooth and allow you to make phone calls, reply to text messages, and keep essential reminders and alarms.


    Smartwatches have become more and more accessible and valuable over the years, thus the increasing trend. Your customers will appreciate you adding these to your store so that they can join in the craze too!

    Car Accessories

    While some are staying at home, others use their cars more than ever to make sure they can get to where they want to go while still maintaining social distance. As a result, accessories for one's car have also increased in popularity this year, and here are some you can take note of.

    Seat Covers

    Car seat covers are an essential accessory for any car owner looking for some extra protection and want to modify and enhance the appearance of their vehicles. These covers are thick, long-lasting, and protect the upholstery and add style to the ride. Car covers have a strong demand nowadays among all car owners' across all age groups. 

    car seat cover

    Seat covers tend to be replaced quite often, with spillage being a common accident. It's no wonder that these products sell so quickly and have continued interest over the years.

    Rearview Cameras

    The rearview camera provides a clear picture of what's going on behind your car. This handy gadget is mounted on the license plate and, over the years, has become an essential product that can help you avoid any potential hazard-whether you're in reverse or moving forward. The various benefits of having it installed have resulted in a significant surge for this product over the years. 

    car rearview camera

    Many people have recognized this additional help to ensure safety while driving, so you should also stock these items in your store to promote this.

    LED Car Lights

    LED car lights are a new way to show your personality and love for your vehicle. These LED lights serve many functions, including headlights, fog lights, and tail lights. The several benefits clubbed with a long lifespan means you can't go wrong with listing the product in your store.  

    car led lights

    There has been an increasing trend in decorating precious items, and cars are no exception to this! The upticks in this Google Trends map show that stocking these in your store will guarantee interest.

    Smart Home Devices

    Automation is the name of the game in recent years, and improving one's home with smart devices is no exception to this new wave of public technology. Customers can spruce up their adobes with these nifty products that you can sell!

    Smart LED lamps

    Match your mood and create the kind of atmosphere you want with brilliant LED lamps. These remote-controlled light bulbs are capable of spitting vibrant colors with adjustable brightness. These lamps don't cost much, which only adds up to their popularity. You shouldn't think twice about adding them to the product list of your online store.

    smart led lights

    Keeping a house well and stylishly lit has become key to a modern home's aesthetic, so LED lamps have enjoyed constant attention. Your store will benefit from this as well if you stock these products in your store!

    Smart Curtains

    Smart curtains allow you to control your curtains from anywhere around the house or any place for that matter as long as you have an internet connection. Over the years, the sales of these curtains have been growing steadily. It's always profitable to have them featured in your store. 

    smart curtains

    Who would say no to curtains that move on their own? Another vital aspect to include in a modern home, which customers will thank you for stocking.

    Smart Door Locks

    Smart door locks let you control and monitor the locks remotely. These locks have various use cases, from allowing and restricting entries into multiple rooms to giving the house access to an important guest who showed up when you are out. It lets users enjoy total safety and peace of mind when the door locks behind them automatically after they leave. 

    smart door locks

    These locks are trendy among residential and commercial customers, and their demand has been increasing every day. 

    Travel & Outdoors

    While travel may not be an option for many, it still stands that going outdoors is necessary to keep spirits high, especially for those experiencing cabin fever. To help with making that memorable trip a success, consider selling these items to customers.

    Multiple Compartment Travel Organizer

    Organization is key to a successful and stress-free vacation, so make you and your customers' life easier by featuring compartment travel organizers! Coming in all colors and making it easy to pack one's clothes, bottles, and other necessities, you would never want to travel without them again.

    travel organizer bag

    Traveler organizer bags are still mainstream nowadays, but not as much due to the lockdowns around the world. Nonetheless, people will appreciate you selling these for future travels, which many are itching to do once the world goes back to normal.

    Swiss Army Knives

    With multiple tools wrapped into one, a Swiss Army Knife is vital for the unpredictability of travel. Whether you plan on going outdoors for exploring or simply need quick access to a sharp item for cutting, customers will flock to this multi-purpose item that hasn't gone out of style.

    swiss army knife

    This Google Trends map shows that Swiss Army Knives are still very much famous and beloved. You won't go wrong adding these items to your store!

    Pet Carrier Bags

    The shoulder-strap carrying bag is the new convenient way for pet owners to bring their cats or dogs to their next trip. It has plenty of space that allows your pets to sit or stand comfortably. The adjustable buckle ensures comfort and security when carrying your pets in your day-to-day life. Consider stocking these in your store to help customers be closer to their pets!

    pet carrier bag

    Pet carrier bags have sustained interest, even with the ups and downs, over the past year. With owners bonding with their furry companions more than ever, it's no wonder that the carriers make a great sale!

    Which Type of Dropshipping Products Sell the Most?

    The mantra to successful dropshipping combines impulse buying, successful marketing, and finding trending products. Usually, it's the attractive ad that acts as a hook to catch the viewer's eye and get them interested. If you have the right product and the price is reasonable, it doesn't take too long to have a successful purchase. The products that usually garner a lot of interest include

    • Products that are cheaper and cost below $10 and look cute and attractive to the viewer. They may include keychains, phone covers, jewelry, pet products, etc.
    • Products that are hard to come by and not readily available on popular e-commerce stores like Amazon and eBay.
    • Products with a slightly higher price but are handy like Swiss army knives, magnetic chargers, etc.

    How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products

    google trends search

    If you're still unsure what products you want to dropship, your best friend is Google trends. Just make a list of items that you want to feature in your store and run them through it, and it shows you how popular a particular product is worldwide. There is also an option to narrow your search based on the location (countries) and time zone. Furthermore, there are also a few other parameters if you want to narrow down a particular niche. 

    Another great way of finding the trending products is to go to popular eCommerce sites like AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon and sort the products by popularity on various categories and subcategories. These are one of the giant eCommerce conglomerates worldwide and with the most significant number of users, and their data is very much reflective of the general trends. 

    trending products dropshipping